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Meat Lovers Pizza

Created for the meat lover in you, this pizza is...

Chicken Parmesan

Love chicken? Love Parmesan? Love that gooey...

JC Grinder


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Mon-Fri Monday 10 AM - 3 PM Tuesday - Thursday 10 AM - 9 PM Sat-Sun 12 PM - 9 PM (Closed Sunday)

Customer Testimonials

Get ready to get stuffed

Get ready to get stuffed

Started with the caprese pizza. Perfect and light. We added some pepper which for us brought out the flavor. Didn’t need it, but we liked it. Also had the pear salad which we epic. Great light dressing.

On to the main event! Lasagne. I will say it’s the best I’ve ever had. This chef is a genius. It was cooked by itself in a casserole dish and was so simply done that it was life changing. That’s a big statement for lasagne, but worth it here.

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